Me RODRIGO DEL SOLAR was born 23rd November 1961 in Viña del Mar/Chile. In 1964 my family emigrated to Germany, more precisely, to Goettingen and after three years to Ludwigshafen/Rhine. There I went to school, I passed mi A-Levels in 1982 at the Kurpfalz High School. I spend my time with the study of design, with music and work until I emigrated 7 years later. My new life began in MALLORCA where other people come for holidays. There I spend the first three years and learned to do windsurfing. My enthusiasm for this sport grew so much that I decided to become a windsurf teacher. Thus my further journeys to the best beaches of Europe began. I flew to FUERTEVENTURA, a paradise for Windsurfers. I worked for the two biggest windsurfschools. RENÉ EGLI´S Pro Center and ULLI KOOP´S Fanatic Fun Center. My enthusiasm for ART, jewellery and the defense of honest HANDCRAFTS deepened. During these years I worked two summers also as a windsurf trainer, for SPORT CHECK a German provider for sports journeys. I taught in CHALKIDIKE in the north of GREECE. 4 years later I moved to the Spanish mainland KATALUNIA, to the beautiful bay of ROSAS. There I have managed the windsurfschool BALLENA ALEGRE II in the idyllic SAN PÈRE PESCADOR for 4 years, before the cold weather of the winter, pulled me southward. I arrived in TARIFA, the Mekka for Surfers. First I worked with the windsurf school SPIN OUT for Daniela and Mark Stämpfli. Finally I decided to give private instruction for beginners and advanced students. Since 2004 I ´ve been travelling from beach to beach with my own educational system. Now I live in MALLORCA, where I teach around this fantastic island windsurf to my pupils. My base is the south-east but nevertheless I can give private classes at suitable beaches all around the island.