„I think it is very important to give my pupils a sense for the harmony of nature, wind and sea. The Costa del Sol with its wide and calm beaches is plenty of perfect spots to learn windsurfing very easy. Together we decide where to go depending where you live and the conditions of wind and sea.“

„After trying many ways to make creative objects with my hands, I'm fascinated since a long time in produce crafts from pearl cotton. This material offers high quality and wonderful colors. I use several techniques, such as macrame, to form out of this yarn bracelets, chains, reefs and various other pieces of jewelry.“ Kunsthandwerk_en.html

„Since several years I am working in film and photo productions as an assistant.
A wide range of areas in which i uses optimally my talents like languages, and try to be a good help for the productions.
On adventurous shoots through the countryside of Majorca, and in major film productions with famous directors and actors, I always contribute on a part to the success of these projects.“Medien_Assistenz_en.html
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